March 2018 External Threat Summary


External threats come in many forms, below are the stories that you need to know about.


British teenager arrested for fake British school bomb threat.

Teen arrested over bomb hoax threat sent to hundreds of schools forcing some to evacuate.

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FBI raids home of man suspected of leaking classified blueprint via fake Facebook account.

FBI raids home of spy sat techie over leak of secret comms source code on Facebook.

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Scammers impersonating celebrities on Twitter to steal cryptocurrency.

Twitter users are collectively being conned out of tens of thousands of dollars per day via fraud schemes involving accounts impersonating celebrities.

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BJC Healthcare suffer data leak.

A data server configuration error, discovered during an internal security scan, made it possible for stored images of identifying documents to be accessible through the Internet without the appropriate security controls.

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Vulnerabilities in Amazon S3 Buckets identified.

2% of Amazon S3 Public Buckets Aren’t Write-Protected, Exposed to Ransom Attacks.

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