External Threat Summary for June 2018


External threats come in many forms, below are the stories that you need to know about.

Data Leak

BetVictor suffers from internal system password leak.

Betting giant BetVictor leaked a list of its own internal systems passwords.

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SEO Poisoning

Red Hen restaurant website targeted with Search Engine Optimization spam.

The restaurant that asked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave when dining suffers SEO spam compromise on its website.

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Social Media Threat

Hezbollah accounts suspended on social media.

Hezbollah Accounts Suspended on Twitter & Facebook Amid Escalation With Israel.

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Location data leak discovered in Google products.

Google in the coming weeks is expected to fix a location privacy leak in two of its most popular consumer products.

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Physical Threat

Criminal imprisoned for physical domain hijacking at gunpoint.

Crook gets 20 years for literal domain hijacking at gunpoint.

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Data Exposure

Weight watchers infrastructure exposed via no-password Kubernetes server.

Researchers have noticed a rise in simple security mistakes within cloud based systems that have exposed very sensitive data.

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Digital Risk

Experts list the most abused top-level domains.

Some registrars and resellers knowingly sell high volumes of domains to these actors for profit, and many registries do not do enough to stop or limit this endless supply of domains.

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Data Leak

Canadian fitness app PumpUp leaked six million users’ health data and messages.

A popular fitness app that claims over six million users was leaking private and sensitive data, including health information and private messages sent between users.

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