New report claims Russian military and intelligence operations are increasingly using GPS spoofing

Russian military and intelligence operations are increasingly using GPS spoofing as a way to protect sensitive locations and cause disruption outside the country’s borders or in military zones, a report published this week has revealed.

Man jailed for destroying former employer’s data

A British man has been sent to prison for two years after he wiped out his ex-employer’s business-critical data in cloud storage, according to a report by the United Kingdom’s Thames Valley Police.

Thieves Stole 120,000 Liters of Fuel from Gas Stations That Used Default Passwords

After a yearlong investigation, Parisian authorities recently arrested five men for stealing 120,000 liters of petrol and diesel. As reported by Le Parisien, the scheme involved the use of a “miracle remote” bought online that could essentially hack a specific Total gas station pump brand.

Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit has executed to disrupt cyberattacks from a threat group called Phosphorus – also known as APT 35

Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) and the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) have been tracking Phosphorus since 2013. Its activity is usually designed to gain access to the computer systems of businesses and government agencies and steal sensitive information. Its targets also include activists and journalists – especially those involved in advocacy and reporting on issues related to the Middle East.

Global law enforcement action against vendors and buyers on the dark web

Law enforcement from Europe, Canada and the United States joined forces early 2019 to target vendors and buyers of illegal goods on dark web marketplaces. During the course of this operation, international law enforcement agencies made 61 arrests and shut down 50 dark web accounts used for illegal activity.

Facebook Blocks More Accounts Over Influence Campaigns

Facebook said Tuesday it shut down more than 2,600 fake accounts linked to Iran, Russia, Macedonia and Kosovo and aiming to influence political sentiment in various parts of the world.

FEMA Data Leak Exposes Personal Info of 2.3M Disaster Survivors

The Office for the Inspector General for the DHS issued a report today that detailed how FEMA did not appropriately safeguard the personal information of 2.3 million survivors of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria and the California wildfires in 2017.

Over 100,000 GitHub repos have leaked API or cryptographic keys

A scan of billions of files from 13 percent of all GitHub public repositories over a period of six months has revealed that over 100,000 repos have leaked API tokens and cryptographic keys, with thousands of new repositories leaking new secrets on a daily basis.