Social Media Governance

Researcher discovers fraudsters can collect sensitive data from abandoned business domains.

Domain name abandonment attacks pose a significant cyber threat to the legal profession and other businesses

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Operational Security (OPSEC) | Privacy

New policy bans deployed US military personnel from using GPS-enabled devices.

Effective immediately, Defense Department personnel are prohibited from using geolocation features and functionality on government and non-government issued devices, applications and services while in locations designated as operational areas.

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Data Exposure | Dark Web

Document capture firm ABBYY inadvertently exposes large document storage database

ABBYY exposed its document storage database with more than 200K scanned contracts, memos, letters.

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Online Fraud

Website scam pretending to provide US Green Card services.

Most online scams depend on two things for success: a broken or otherwise onerous process to deal with a legitimate entity, and a desperate target population.

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Data Exposure

Babysitter App Sitter accidentally leaks MongoDB database online.

Sitter, “the No.1 app for managing babysitters”, inadvertently exposed its MongoDB instance to public.

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Rogue Mobile Application

68 adware apps detected on Google Play.

68 fraudulent apps by five different developers that contain aggressive advertisements.

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Data Leak

Voter information of more than 6 million people in Georgia left exposed.

Private researcher discovered the records of more than 6 million registered Georgia voters, password files and encryption keys could be accessed online by anyone looking.

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Cyber Social Media Threat

Instagram accounts hacked to change contact information.

Social listening tools detecting Instagram users are reporting the same bizarre hack.

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Data Exposure

TCM Bank customer data exposed online for more than a year.

A company that helps more than 750 small and community U.S. banks issue credit cards to their account holders, said a Web site misconfiguration exposed the names, addresses, dates of birth and Social Security numbers of thousands of people.

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