Coverage of DigitalStakeout on Digital Risk

The Forrester Tech Tide™: Risk And Compliance Management, Q2 2018

DigitalStakeout  is pleased to announce that we have been named as a key digital risk protection supplier in Forrester’s Tech Tide™ Risk And Compliance Management Q2 2018 report. 

Forrester Research examines the maturity of risk and compliance management technology and helps its clients make decisions on investment and timing. The Tech Tide defines technology categories and describes business value, maturity of category, and provides guidance approach. Check out the Digital Risk section of the risk and compliance report. Learn why an external threat detection capability such as DigitalStakeout has a high degree of business value and why your business needs to implement digital risk protection to protect reputation and revenue.

Read the Report today so you can benefit from Forrester’s insights into trends shaping the digital risk protection space.

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