Our digital risk management solutions all utilize our powerful platform. DigitalStakeout’s cutting edge technology, tools, processes, and methods of analysis enable you to deploy proactive capabilities to address the dynamic security risk that target your customers, business and employees.

Our approaches are practical, economical and break the barriers of cost, quality and complexity. With our technology, we leverage machine learning automation; deep learning algorithms and advanced workflow processes supported by research and data science to identify threats. Alongside with sophistication, we never looses sight of obvious simple ways threats arise and how nefarious actors evade detection. We also understand most of our customers will not have the skills and resources we have. Our solutions are delivered with simplicity that conveys value and drives adoption.

The DigitalStakeout Customer Journey

Whether you’re starting out with digital risk intelligence or you have security team with significant resources , we maintain a vision and a maturity model for all our customers. Join us to go through this journey to discover what digital threats are impacting your customers, business and employees.

digitalstakeout maturity model

The DigitalStakeout Customer Experience

Whether you’re a small customer or a global enterprise, we understand that there are always options in the marketplace.  Other than a best in class capability, here is what you will experience being a DigitalStakeout customer.

Customer First

We invest in customer success and that makes our vision a reality. We pride ourselves delivering on the promise to help you mitigate your digital risks. 100% of product road-map is sourced from customer feedback.


Each team member has extensive career experience from a relevant field – data science, cyber security and risk management. You will always engage with well trained and highly qualified support.

On a Mission

Our focus and our mission is threat intelligence. Our whole team is passionate about making a difference with the technology we deliver. We want to work with people who share our common goal.

Trusted & Vetted

DigitalStakeout is recognized as one of nine digital risk vendors that demonstrate technology & methodology that security and risk professionals can count on. Have you noticed we don’t have customer logos on our website? We do everything we can to give you an advantage to advance your security capabilities.