What makes DigitalStakeout different?

We are passionate about protecting your people, places and your brand.

The DigitalStakeout Customer Experience

Whether you’re starting out or you have a team with significant resources, we maintain a vision and a maturity model for all our customers. Whether you’re a small customer or a global enterprise, we understand that there are always options in the marketplace.  Other than a best in class capability, here is what you will experience what thousands experience being a DigitalStakeout customer.

Customer Centric

We invest in customer success and that makes our vision a reality. We pride ourselves delivering on the promise to help you mitigate your digital risks.

Expert Guidance

Each team member has extensive career experience in a relevant field to support your needs. Engage with highly qualified support experts.

Misson Focused

Our mission is to protect people, places, and brands through information discovery. We are passionate about making a difference in your organization.

Trusted Vendor

DigitalStakeout is recognized as one of the top 10 vendors in the industry. We do everything we can to advance your capabilities.

Customer Testimonials

  • “I’ve reduced the time and effort needed to discover physical and cyber threats with a purpose-built tool that can monitor and analyze social and dark web data.”

  • “Our analysts can work together seamlessly and efficiently in one tool to conduct investigations and to monitor for physical and cyber threats.”  

  • “I now have visibility into threats external to the organization that I need to mitigate competitive, regulatory and technological risks to our global enterprise.”

  • “Using this tool, we mitigate and recover quicker from incidents that do occur, protect our brand and reputation and take efforts to prevent costly regulatory sanctions, operational disruption, and revenue loss.”  

  • “This technology helps protects our IP and key personnel. Investing in this technology helps prevent incidents that would result in serious financial losses and damage to our company’s brand and value.”