Corporate Responsibility

We live in a data-driven world reality. Here’s a little bit of detail on how we approach the topic of privacy.

Protecting Privacy is a Responsibility

Protecting privacy and civil liberties is important to us. We do not enable, condone or support accessing any private communications. Our technology and tools are intended either for private data use (data you own) or accessing public data which others have made 100% public for the world to discover in a multitude of ways.

When it comes to areas some of our data partners have concern, the privacy controls we have in place go over and beyond ANY tool or technology in industry has in place to protect privacy. We’ve walked away from opportunities, opted not to compete, or simply released customers for violating our terms master subscription agreement.

We Invest in Building Safeguards

DigitalStakeout is designed with safeguards and oversight built into the overall system architecture. DigitalStakeout is proactive in protecting third party intellectual property rights, civil rights, civil liberties, and rights of privacy. It is a violation of DigitalStakeout’s terms of service for ANY customer to manipulate DigitalStakeout features to collect private and protected data. We do not allow customers to use DigitalStakeout Scout for surveillance purposes.

Privacy Features in Our Solutions

There are legal, technical, operational, and compliance features to prevent, detect and deter behavior that would be a risk to the public, customers, DigitalStakeout and its data partners.

For example:

  • All social data that is processed by DigitalStakeout is publicly available and can be viewed by the general public. DigitalStakeout does not collect data by evading or reverse-engineering any end-user app, privacy setting, publisher API control or publisher technical control.
  • All public sector customers (including law enforcement) have User IDs, Screen Names, and Image Avatars redacted & hashed from view in search results.
  • There are many searches you can perform on search engines and social media sites that you cannot on DigitalStakeout. Automated controls employ a library of “stop words” to proactively protect against the creation of non-compliant searches/alerts/etc., e.g. for the purposes of individual or group tracking/monitoring political subjects.
  • Privacy warning “tags” serve to alert customer end-users reviewing information with overtly disclosed information, such as but not limited to a geo-enabled post, disclosed information, and disclosed personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Individuals with audit level access may review detailed logging, reporting, and alerting on DigitalStakeout user activity and system usage to detect/prevent misuse and ensure compliance with DigitalStakeout terms of service.
  • The product does not assemble information about a particular individual or group to generate a profile — e.g. related to patterns, behavior, beliefs, etc.
  • DigitalStakeout products do not posses features that predict, “score,” or rate the likelihood of any particular actions of an individual or group in any way.
  • DigitalStakeout technology does not enable the annotation of data for the following:
    • Alleged or actual commission of a crime by a person.
    • Financial status or condition on any individual.
    • Political affiliation or belief of any individual.
    • Racial or ethnic origin of any individual.
    • Religious or philosophical affiliation or belief of any individual.
    • Sexual orientation/activities (including pregnancy) of any individual.
    • Trade union status/membership or affiliation of any individual.
  • DigitalStakeout compliance routinely audits and alerts Customers to stop searches that would be considered a violation of partner data provider terms of service.
  • DigitalStakeout will terminate access to any Customer that knowingly infringes on a third party’s intellectual property rights, civil rights, civil liberties, or rights of publicity or privacy.

Concerned About Privacy? We’re Happy to Discuss

  • Please inform us if you know of a potential violation of our Terms.
  • Let us know if you would like to participate with DigitalStakeout on our trust initiative and advisory council.
  • Ask any questions about our Corporate Responsibility efforts we described on this page.

Please connect with us at [email protected]. A member of our team will respond to your request as promptly as possible.