Who We Are

Data Nerds with a Lot of Security Experience.

Our Mission

We enable the world to use data from social, deep, and dark webs to better protect people, locations, and brands.

Our Vision

We provide innovative, intuitive, and affordable solutions for pinpointing only the most relevant and actionable risks.

Our Values

We believe in empowering people to mitigate risk to foster improvements to organizational integrity and security.

Our History

Out of a small office in Atlanta in 2010, we launched our first web intelligence product and pioneered the use of public data to for public safety. We learned, adapted and started to lead the way on resolving privacy issues affecting our industry. Now we are a leader in the digital protection market.

Used by hundreds of analysts every day, DigitalStakeout’s innovative and simple threat intelligence software enables risk mitigation and security professionals to use mention data from the surface web, social media, deep web, and dark web to protect people, locations, and brands.

Why We’re Different

DigitalStakeout offers an engagement approach to intelligence that delivers only the most relevant and actionable information at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. By leveraging established channels of public communication we dramatically reduce start-up time, alert fatigue and facilitate effective risk management. With this trusted approach, we have governed access to channels you use to communicate with customers. DigitalStakeout Scout is an affordable and scalable solution allows that enables small businesses and global enterprises to hone in on information most pertinent to their security mission.

Engagement vs. Surveillance

The DigitalStakeout team goes to great lengths to discover ways how our customers can use digital monitoring tools to do their job, protect people and places, and execute their mission in a manner that does not infringe on privacy and public trust. We have first and only technology features to assure the protection of individuals’ and groups’ privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties. Our customer successes prove that engagement data from mentions and content directed at our customers is the best way to detect and mitigate threats.

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