About Us


We make it easier to discover, search and analyze data from the public web.

Our Story

In 2010, we released our first intelligence product. We knew we were onto something really big that would benefit a lot of people. Over the years, the data market dramatically changed. We enabled our customers adapt to new a normal. We proactively modified our solutions that would enable analysts to unlock the value of open and public data to defend their assets.

Today, we deliver a cloud-delivered solution that enables security and risk oriented professionals to use data from the web and other unstructured data sources to defend their organizations and discover opportunity. We work with enterprises in all industries to deliver critical information to illuminate what’s most important so they make better decisions faster.

DigitalStakeout is privately funded organization and our headquarters is in metro Atlanta, Ga.

How We’re Different

No matter the size of your organization, DigitalStakeout solutions will have a measurable impact on your efficiency and improve your organization’s bottom-line. In the process of your journey of being a customer with us, you’ll develop amazing relationships with our staff that are just simply rare these days. Here’s a simple breakout of how we’re different.


  • SaaS/ No Software
  • Modular Collectors
  • User-Defined
  • Align to Use Case
  • Enterprise Ready


  • Real-time Collection
  • Automated Enrichment
  • On-demand Analytics
  • Critical Event Detection
  • Alert/Noise Reduction


  • Collect Own Data
  • Real-time Collection
  • Global Coverage
  • Multiple Channels
  • Real-time/Historic


  • Amazing People
  • Established Company
  • Problem Solvers
  • SME Only Support
  • Simple Licensing

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