Why Choose DigitalStakeout?

Detect Threats with DigitalStakeout’s Digital Threat Intelligence Platform

Cutting Edge Technology

DigitalStakeout’s cutting edge technology, tools, processes, and methods of analysis enable you to deploy proactive capabilities to address the dynamics that affect your customers, business and employees.

Supported by Data

Our approaches are practical, economical and break the barriers of cost, quality, and complexity. With our technology, we leverage machine learning automation; deep learning algorithms and advanced workflow processes supported by research and data science.

User-Friendly Solution

We understand most of our customers will not have the skills and resources for digital risk management. Our solutions are delivered with the simplicity that conveys value and drives adoption.

Customer Testimonials

  • “I’ve reduced the time and effort needed to discover physical and cyber threats with a purpose-built tool that can monitor and analyze social and dark web data.”

  • “Our analysts can work together seamlessly and efficiently in one tool to conduct investigations and to monitor for physical and cyber threats.”  

  • “I now have visibility into threats external to the organization that I need to mitigate competitive, regulatory and technological risks to our global enterprise.”

  • “Using this tool, we mitigate and recover quicker from incidents that do occur, protect our brand and reputation and take efforts to prevent costly regulatory sanctions, operational disruption, and revenue loss.”  

  • “This technology helps protects our IP and key personnel. Investing in this technology helps prevent incidents that would result in serious financial losses and damage to our company’s brand and value.”  

  • “We increased our defensive capabilities, have become more competitive and we’re growing our business by offering customers threat intelligence as a service with a best-in-class platform we can trust.”

What can DigitalStakeout offer You?

We offer an on-demand approach to digital threat intelligence that delivers only the most relevant and actionable information. By providing smarter discovery and prescriptive alerts, we dramatically reduce alert fatigue and facilitate risk management across organizational silos from IT, to HR, to Finance, to Marketing.

Proactive Capabilities

Our solution leverages tools, processes and a method of analysis that enables proactive capabilities to address dynamic security risk. Our solution is a scalable, sophisticated and evolves in the method of collecting, processing and analyzing public data sourced from the Internet including but not limited to social media, surface web, deep web and dark web sources.

A Practical Approach

Our approach is practical, economical and breaks the barriers of cost, quality, and complexity. We leverage machine learning automation; deep learning algorithms and advanced search capabilities supported by research and data science to identify threats. Along with its sophistication, our solution and team will never lose sight of obvious simple ways threats arise and how nefarious actors evade detection. We also understand most of our customers will not have the skills and resources we have. Our sophistication is delivered with a simplicity that conveys value and drives adoption.

A Centerpiece Solution

Because we can leverage the power of cyber data “at scale” and in the context of risk being managed, DigitalStakeout becomes a centerpiece capability to identify and mitigate threats posed by the nefarious actors known and unknown. With DigitalStakeout, our customers are constantly evolving and adapting to threats at the speed of change, discovering the unknown unknowns and the non-obvious is in plain sight.

About DigitalStakeout

In 2010, we launched our first intelligence product. Since then we have become a market leader in mitigating risk through analysis of digital data. We offer revolutionary on-demand intelligence software for professionals who want to use data from social, deep, and dark webs to protect people, locations, and reputations. We enable customers to uncover actionable intelligence by aggregating, organizing, processing and analyzing billions of signals from digital data sourced from social media to the dark web.

We’re proud to say we’re self-funded from our success and our headquarters is in Metro Atlanta – Alpharetta, Ga.