About Us


We help security teams who need more effective ways to use public data to protect their brand, people and customers.

Our Story

In 2010, we released our first security threat intelligence product. We knew we were onto something really big that would benefit a lot of people. Over the years, the data market dramatically changed. We enabled our customers adapt to new a normal. In many cases, we led the way. We proactively modified our solutions that would enable security teams to unlock the value of open and public data to defend their assets.

Today, we deliver security intelligence solutions that enable security professionals to defend digital and physical assets. We work with enterprises in all industries to deliver critical information to illuminate what’s most important so they defend against threats and disrupt their adversaries.

DigitalStakeout is privately funded organization and our headquarters is in metro Atlanta, Ga.

How We’re Different

We’ll educate you about the facts, myths and the how-to’s on public data.

We won’t create fake demos, fake scenarios, and scare you into buying our solutions.

We will never sell you a solution, component or feature you don’t need.

We are always going invest in creating simple products, stellar customer support and cost-effective pricing.

Your voice will drive our innovation. Your feature requests will drive 95% of our roadmap.

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