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About Our Company

Our mission is to help our customers defend their cyber security and digital transformation with proactive cyber risk mitigation solutions. Join the hundreds of customers across the Fortune 500, Mid-Market, and Public Sector that use our intelligence-driven solutions to proactively protect what matters most. Founded in 2010, DigitalStakeout is a privately owned US corporation headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Trusted by Leading Brands and Organizations

High performance organizations recognize the need mitigate cyber risk and defend against cyber adversaries with sophisticated and effective solutions. DigitalStakeout products are trusted by leading brands and organizations across all markets.


Proactive Cyber Risk Mitigation & Defense Against Modern Threats

DigitalStakeout enables cyber security professionals to reduce cyber risk to their organization with proactive security solutions, providing immediate improvement in security posture and return on investment.


Powered by our proprietary global Anycast secure edge network, DigitalStakeout Securd provides protective DNS, web security, and threat hunting capabilities defends against modern phishing, ransomware, and malware.


With global real-time visibility into DNS and Internet topology, use DigitalStakeout Footprint to access real-time domain and Internet intelligence to accelerate incident response and remediate cyber threats faster.


Leverage the power of our real-time digital data and external attack surface visibility with DigitalStakeout Scout to continuously protect your digital brand from external threats and mitigates digital risk to your external attack surface.

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Our Leadership

Each member of our leadership and advisors has decades of security and risk management experience at top brands and best-in-class security companies.

adam mikrut, ceo

Adam Mikrut, Founder & CEO

jon mcdonald - vp engineering

Jon McDonald, VP of Engineering

James Brown, CFO

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