About DigitalStakeout

Founded in 2008, DigitalStakeout launched our first threat intelligence product. Since then we have become a market leader in mitigating physical and digital risk through analysis of digital data. We offer revolutionary on-demand digital risk intelligence software for risk managers and security professionals who want to use data from social, deep, and dark webs to protect people, locations, and reputations. Our solutions generate actionable advanced risk intelligence by aggregating, organizing, processing, and analyzing vast volumes of digital data sourced from social media, surface web, deep, and dark web, and proprietary sources.

Unlike solution providers offering general threat broadcasts or targeting too narrow a set of risks, we offer an on-demand approach to digital risk intelligence that delivers only the most relevant and actionable information. By providing smarter discovery and prescriptive alerts, we dramatically reduce alert fatigue and facilitate risk management across organizational silos from IT, to HR, to Finance, to Marketing. Don’t waste time with expensive enterprise solutions, software requiring enormous consulting support, or products reinforcing the organizational silos. Our affordable cloud-based app with scalable execution allows organizations to hone in on those risks most pertinent to whether they derive from the IT, physical, and reputation risk worlds.

Proven Digital Risk Intelligence

DigitalStakeout is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that performs analysis of digital data to detect unknown threats and vulnerabilities. We are a team of experienced professionals in big data, data science, cyber security, and risk management. DigitalStakeout has pioneered technology and methodologies that have defined how to manage & mitigate digital risk by analyzing publicly available social, deep, and dark web data. Hundreds of organizations trust DigitalStakeout as a high value, low risk choice to support digital risk mitigation strategies and digital risk needs. We pride ourselves delivering on the promise to help protect our customers’ people, places, and assets.

We are headquartered in Alpharetta, GA.