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Use the DigitalStakeout platform to enrich vulnerability management processes, curate business relevant threat intelligence, protect your digital footprint and implement real-time defense against cyber-threats.

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Reduce Digital Risk and Digital Blind Spots with DigitalStakeout

Manage Your Attack Surface

Discover what threat actors may find about your digital footprint before they do.


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Monitor For Threats in Real-time

Maintain a comprehensive view of your threat landscape on social media, surface & dark web.


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Unify Security Intelligence

Integrate and analyze your telemetry data to detect threats to your organization.


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digitalstakeout hisac partnership

Providing the Healthcare Industry with Tools to Mitigate Threats

DigitalStakeout is investing in enhancing the healthcare industry’s ability to improve the resilience of the nation’s healthcare and public health critical infrastructure. DigitalStakeout is contributing its security intelligence capabilities to H-ISAC’s Shared Services to support the vulnerable healthcare community of members who may lack the resources for obtaining these tools.


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H-ISAC is trusted global healthcare community and member forum for coordinating, collaborating and sharing vital Physical and Cyber Threat Intelligence and best practices member organizations.

Why Choose DigitalStakeout as a Cybersecurity Solution?

Our solutions are designed to be simple and immediately reduce organizational risk.
Our propriety technology provides real-time visibility and protection to cyber threats.
We have minimal third-party dependence and have our own global infrastructure.
Our products are simple and built for the user with modular capabilities that align with a specific security mission.
All our products are a cloud-based solution with no hardware or software to install.
We have experts to help through on-boarding, best-practices and responding to crisis situations.

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