Social media threats evolve at a rapid pace. Your organization will face impersonations, takeovers, scams and data leakage and directed threats on social media. If successful, attackers will harm your customer experience, disrupt business operations and damage your valuable reputation.  It’s critical you maintain focused coverage on detecting threats & vulnerabilities across social channels in real-time and respond quickly. DigitalStakeout enables you to track your points of presence on social media to mitigate these threats 24 x 7 x 365.

  • Coverage on popular social media channels.
  • Built-in use cases perform automated discoveries of cyber threats and privacy vulnerabilities.
  • Configure custom rule based alerts to meet your organizations needs.
  • Intuitive visualizations and entity analytics enable enhanced risk analysis to deliver meaningful insights.

digitalstakeout social media threat intelligence coverage

 Social media threat intelligence starts with comprehensive coverage to prevent blind spots.

Entity Level Threat Analysis

Entity Level Threat Analysis

social media threat intelligence discovery

Point of Presence Discovery

social media threat intelligence attribution

Threat Actor Attribution

social media threat intelligence link analysis

Threat Link Analysis

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