What is Social Media Security?

Social media security is the practice of using tools, processes and methods of analysis to manage the risk, threats and vulnerabilities the use of social media introduces to people, places and brands.

The risks that social media introduces to people, places and brands.

Social media has proven itself to be a valuable tool for those who want to exploit the sharing of public data for nefarious purpose. Social media users are usually unaware of risk that comes with location disclosure and over sharing. The disclosure of location can lead to many cyber and physical security risks. Over sharing provides a wealth of information that allows social media to be used as a cyber weapon. Many organizations do not want their personnel to be susceptible to surveillance by criminals, competitors, governments and other third-parties.

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Managing social media security & operations security (OPSEC) is an integral part of mitigating physical and cyber threats.

To manage these risks, it takes a persistent monitoring solution to detect and mitigate privacy vulnerabilities that effect end-user social media security. The DigitalStakeout platform monitors your social media assets and automatically detects vulnerabilities, disclosures and personally identifiable information (PII) that lead to increased social media security risk.

Discover and mitigate operational, physical and cyber social media security threats with the DigitalStakeout platform.

  • 24 x 7 monitoring for security issues on popular social media networks.
  • Automated discoveries of vulnerabilities, suspicious behavior & data leakage.
  • Alerting of critical incidents, anomalies and user-configured criteria.
  • Visualizations to perform real-time & historical privacy risk analysis.

DigitalStakeout analytics deliver meaningful insights to uncover privacy vulnerabilities that heighten risk to your personnel.

social media privacy account discovery

Account & Footprint Discovery

social media privacy vulnerability detection

Automated Detection

real-time social media privacy alerting

Real-time Alerting & Workflow

social media risk analytics

Risk Analytics & Visualizations

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