A Digital Risk Intelligence Platform to Detect and Mitigate Threats from Social Media to the Dark Web

Insight from a digital risk intelligence platform into the digital world helps prevent risks such as IT security, loss of revenue, supply chain disruption, and reputation harm from a variety of sources. In an increasingly transparent world with growing third-party scrutiny, how an organization manages genuine and reputation risks impacts perceived operational excellence.


DigitalStakeout enables commercial organizations with sensitive brand concerns, extensive employee, vendor, and customer networks to sense and act on digital risks to their organization.

  • 24 x 7 monitoring of social, deep and dark web
  • Top rated risk detection & remediation in industry
  • Access to real-time fire-hose social data
  • AI & machine learning driven technology
  • Cyber, physical & operational risk detection
  • Daily updates to signatures & scenarios
  • Customize relevancy at monitor level
  • Role-based security & configuration model
  • Extensible with a simple REST API
  • Fair-use usage model & simple pricing

How DigitalStakeout Works


DigitalStakeout Platform Components

Perform social web audits to discover accounts (authorized or unauthorized) that match brand, company name and personnel.

Acquire insight from real-time or historical data from social, deep web, and dark web channels to analyze and visualize discoveries.

Search and discover public social media engagements by location pertaining to your brand, properties, customers, and personnel.